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Thursday, 6 November 2014

SG Wannabe - I Loved You To Death

lately, for past a month I think. my selection for kpop song are like.. ermm slow and sad.. I think.. either because my emotional not so stabil or break up kind a feel like.. ouch.. SG Wannabe.. one of group that have a powerful vocal and harmonic I guess.. the first one that caught in my mind when I see Kim Junho, one of vocalist sing Saldaga in I am a Singer show.. its make me cry a lot... (T_T) I started to google more about SG Wannabe and one of my favourite song is "I Loved You To Death" and luckily I found the lyric. thank's google!!

Roman Lyric : SG Wannabe - I Loved You To Death

Geureohgedo miwossnayo modeungeol beorilmankeum geuraessnayo 
Eotteokhaeya hanayo swipge jiulsuga eopsneunde 

Geudael geutorok himdeulge haessdeon naeseupgwandeul 
Charari naega geudae gieokkkaji gajgo sandamyeon 

Geureol su issdamyeon na yongseodoeltende 
Geudaen ijgo salsu issnayo jeongmal geurae julsu issnayo 

Naege badeun sangcheol jeonbu beorilsu issnayo 
Jogeumirado geudaepyeonhi tteonasilsu issdamyeon 

Museunirirado nan haeyaman haltende 
Tteonanayo idaero jeongmal bonaeya hanayo 

Ibyeoreun janinhage geudael ijeurahaneunde 
Bujokhaessdeon nae sarangi jakku mame geollyeoseo 

Ireohge nadeo himdeureo jineyo mianhaeyo 
Cham naega eoriseogeossjyo himdeureo hadeon geudael bomyeo 

Hanmadi dajeonghan wirodo moshaejwossneyo 
Geuraessdeon naega jigeum neomukeun yoksim burinayo 

Ulmyeo maedallimyeon mosigincheok dora orago 
Kkumingayo ireohge jeongmal tteonasilgeongayo 

Huhoeneun babocheoreom geudael jabeura haneunde 
Bujokhaessdeon naesarangi jakku mame geollyeoseo 

Ireohge na deo himdeureo jineyo 
Jugeulmankeum geumankeum geudael saranghaesseoyo ijewaseoyeoya 

English translation:

Did you hate me that much ? 
That you could just throw everything away ? 

What should I do ? I cant erase it easily. 
My habits made gave you such a hard time
If only I can take your memories with me along with mine
If I could do that, then you'd be able to forgive me

Can you live as you forget me ? Can you really do that for me ?
Can you throw away all the scars you got from me ? 
If you can leave a little bit more comfortably,
I would do everything and anything

Are you leaving ? Do I really have to let you go ? 
Separation is cruelly telling me to forget you but
My insufficient love keeps catching my heart
Its becoming hard for me too... Im sorry... 

I was so naive as I saw your struggling image
I couldnt even say one affectionate word to you
Am I being too selfish ? 
If I cry and cling onto you, will you come back ? 

Is this a dream ? Are you really going to leave like this ? 
Regret, is stupidly telling me to catch you but
My insufficient love keeps catching my heart
Its becoming hard for me too... 

Just like now, just like before, I loved you
I just realize that now... Just now...

Geugeol kkaedarayo ijeseoya

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