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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I'm tired

I guess..
Its time for me to think again..
Its really tired..
When only you have to say and protect your feeling and trust..

When someone not even ones say hello..
And right now its almost six month..
No message..
No calling..
No nothing..
If you can see my journal..
My blog..
But you can't say hi..
Its kind a hurt..

Our promises..
Seen like it just a game..
Maybe i'm too serious and maybe you don't. 

Forgive you..
For all..
The promises..
The dream..

And know..
I know..
Even you prove to me..
I'm not the best for you..

I will always love you, miss you
And I always pray..
You will get the happines..
That you always want it before..


Let me cry..

Thats only I need right now..


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Song of the Week : Aiman - Bunga Dhia

Ku menunggu kamu
Ku menanti kamu saja
Yang terindah dari dia
Yang tercipta dari dia

Waktu terus berguling
Dengan doa harapan
Kau didakapanku...

Bunga.. Kaulah cahaya
Bunga.. Kaulah bintang
Menerangi siang dan malamku
Mewarnai segala mimpiku...

Monday, 18 May 2015

Counting the day

did you know what it is?
its Royal Belum National Park..
I will go there this Friday..
I want to cure my wounded heart..

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Semoga Allah mencintaimu dan Dialah yg membuat engkau mencintaiku

Monday, 11 May 2015

6 years and counting

4 May 2015..
6 years ago, we meet at our office in PJ..
just smile and silent..
and smile again.. and again..
and when I started to play my video collection of Rock Kapak
(if you know it, 80's to 90's are glowing year for genre rock at Malaysia)
suddenly I hear someone say "Eh, minat rock kapak ek. samalah"
and we keep talking, singing and laughing until now.

oh my face.. I think this picture around 2012

she being my neighbor from that day until now..
she the one I turn to when I need some advice and so do she.
we share anything..
our memories, money, feeling and difficulty..
we can criticize each other without feeling disappointed to each other..
she the one I share a lot of story about you
and she the one to say "go for it"

our life sometimes like anyone else being in upside down..
yeah, in our society, others like to being jealous.
jealous to our friendship..
some like to talking a bad thing to us..
try to break our trust to each other.

but, Alhamdulillah its not worked guys..
its make us appreciate each other more than before..
and for that, I should thanks to you, bad girl..

from single to married and being a mother..
thanks coz being my wonderful friend.

thanks for all the Do'a that you wish for me..
I will be married and being a mother like you..
sooner or later..

and us in 2015

please be strong and cheerful..
to our beautiful friendship..
may Allah keep this friendship more stronger than yesterday.

Lyric of the week : Hazama - Sampai Mati


Walau bibir merungkapkan kasih
Mata merasa yang sebaliknya
Wahai jiwa andai kau mampu bicara
Beritahuku isi hatimu

Dan detak jantungku menahan
Arah dan jalan
Agar kita kan bersama

Andai dunia hancur binasa
Ku kan setia sampai mati cintaku
Takkan berserah
Takkan ku mengalah hingga kau buat diriku
Takhta dihati mu

Ku terlihat lagu dan curiga
Diselimutkan satu senyuman
Tanda tanya selamanya menghantui
Oh apa dirimu mahukan aku

Dan biarkan cerita lama
Terpadam sudah
Agar kita kan bersama

Andai dunia hancur binasa
Ku kan setia sampai mati cintaku
Takkan berserah
Takkan ku mengalah hingga kau buat diriku
Takhta dihati mu

Janganlah sesali perjalanan ini
Adakalanya seakan gelita
Setiap saat tabahku berdoa
Cinta kita sampai syurga

Andai dunia hancur binasa
Ku kan setia sampai mati cintaku
Takkan berserah
Takkan ku mengalah hingga kau buat diriku
Takhta dihati mu

Andai hancur dan binasa
Aku kan setia sampai mati cintaku
Takkan, takkan ku mengalah hingga kau buat diriku
Takhta dihati mu

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Yeah, I'm Miss U

Hating? No...

Sometimes i'm wonder, is it fun to hating someone else? She backmouth about you, his cheating on you, your boss keep searching your mistake, your friend ignore you or your family keep teasing you about your weight.. (Its just example, not happen to me)

Your being mad, sad, frustrated or sad. Its normal. We are the human right? But, is it worth it to hate someone for so long just because we think only we feel it?

In the end, you will regret it. You know why? You waste lot of your time to some useless thing. Smile and let it go. Our life is to precious than them :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Give up, move on and redha

I'm waiting.. Look and cross the calendar over and over again. Counting the day like you say to me.

Until one day.. You were gone like a wind.. Suddenly quiet day after day.. And now its been 2 month since the last day we were communicate.

Its hurt.. When we can't do anything at all. Because waiting is the only option that we have.

Insya-Allah, if we meant together, we can being together at in the end of day. If not, I hope I will find my happines soon. Thanks for everything. And I love you. No matter what.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Arabian Night at PUSPANITA MQA Charity Night

Last Thursday (30 April 2015), its very fun to join the event. Its a day for us to hang out with each other and entertain our stack holder also being generous to orphan and single moms. It's a charity night and the theme are Arabian Night.. oh my.. the very last minutes, I have to sing and dance (the dancer fainted if they see our dance..) lol but it so my fun and less embarrass me since we dance together. Look out to all my click, I think I the one that ermm so simple I guess.. haha
its so long I didn't put any make up at any event.. so its kind awkward for me and yeah.. it took some time just to put some eyeliner.. huhuhu

simple right?

hey.. who's took our picture

She so lovely and funny. The one and only sharifah shahirah. Thank you for entertain us

Mawi sang Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta, Kian and An-NuraYang 5 Yang 6
 (I left early.. can't wait until the end. Fever Mania :( 

see ya ermm next 2 years :) .. I guess.. or should I say 5 years?? huhu

Nice quote