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Monday, 11 May 2015

6 years and counting

4 May 2015..
6 years ago, we meet at our office in PJ..
just smile and silent..
and smile again.. and again..
and when I started to play my video collection of Rock Kapak
(if you know it, 80's to 90's are glowing year for genre rock at Malaysia)
suddenly I hear someone say "Eh, minat rock kapak ek. samalah"
and we keep talking, singing and laughing until now.

oh my face.. I think this picture around 2012

she being my neighbor from that day until now..
she the one I turn to when I need some advice and so do she.
we share anything..
our memories, money, feeling and difficulty..
we can criticize each other without feeling disappointed to each other..
she the one I share a lot of story about you
and she the one to say "go for it"

our life sometimes like anyone else being in upside down..
yeah, in our society, others like to being jealous.
jealous to our friendship..
some like to talking a bad thing to us..
try to break our trust to each other.

but, Alhamdulillah its not worked guys..
its make us appreciate each other more than before..
and for that, I should thanks to you, bad girl..

from single to married and being a mother..
thanks coz being my wonderful friend.

thanks for all the Do'a that you wish for me..
I will be married and being a mother like you..
sooner or later..

and us in 2015

please be strong and cheerful..
to our beautiful friendship..
may Allah keep this friendship more stronger than yesterday.

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