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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Arabian Night at PUSPANITA MQA Charity Night

Last Thursday (30 April 2015), its very fun to join the event. Its a day for us to hang out with each other and entertain our stack holder also being generous to orphan and single moms. It's a charity night and the theme are Arabian Night.. oh my.. the very last minutes, I have to sing and dance (the dancer fainted if they see our dance..) lol but it so my fun and less embarrass me since we dance together. Look out to all my click, I think I the one that ermm so simple I guess.. haha
its so long I didn't put any make up at any event.. so its kind awkward for me and yeah.. it took some time just to put some eyeliner.. huhuhu

simple right?

hey.. who's took our picture

She so lovely and funny. The one and only sharifah shahirah. Thank you for entertain us

Mawi sang Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta, Kian and An-NuraYang 5 Yang 6
 (I left early.. can't wait until the end. Fever Mania :( 

see ya ermm next 2 years :) .. I guess.. or should I say 5 years?? huhu

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