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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dah mula dah

Esok dah bermula peperiksaan akhir sem 2 2016/2017.. doakan saya dapat keputusan yang cemerlang. Kembali setelah 3 tahun tu tak mudah. Berharap dipermudahkan untuk konvo...

Teman baru jangan dilupa. Mata, dah makin kering dan sakit..

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Hello there

Do I look ok?

I've been a hectic couple of week. My eyes getting even dryer than before. Who thought    work at library are easy. I will definitely being mad when I heard of it.

"Oh you are now at library, luckily. There no much work to do right?"

What a loser. It doesn't matter where we are, our workload are not the same but it is still not easy. I've been assigned to "official graphics designer for admin" and i'm always left my desk around 7 pm so what the fish they say my work is easy.. huhu

Even my click always say, when do you can fine someone if you always going back late. I always say even thou in our building have a lot of men work at tnb, tnt and pkns, i'm still not interested with them. Should I just seek men that work at my company? I'm tired to start a new relationship starting with describe about me..

One of my baby.. still need to change a lil bit.. hurmm

I always believe you will always find half part of you at right time and place. If you are a family type, just like me. Also nice and being responsible for someone that you love, if you are right in front of me and like me too, being prepared.. I will not letting go.. hahaha

That's all for this time, i need to spend my time with more design, assignment, family quality time and ah wish me luck for next week.. I have my test starting next week. Pray me get flying paper for this semester

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hola :)

its been almost 2 week since my last entry. apa khabar mu di sana? :) masih melihat sama ada jia ok atau tak? I just fine.. :) terima kasih sebab masih punya waktu untuk lihat jia ok atau tak..

"Bukan mudah bagiku untuk melalui semua ini
Pabila kenangan kita mengusik jiwa dan hati
Kala malam tidurku tak lena mengenangkanmu
Ku cuba pertahankan...

Separuh jiwaku hilang ikut terbang berasamamu
Episod cinta hitamku kini berulang kembali
Berulang kembali mnguasai diriku ini"

its still not easy for me, but i'm still trying.. to open up my heart again. as you can see, i'm not getting younger :) even thou people keep saying my age around 25-27 years old, but in a piece of ic, i'm will be 31 this December.. sob sob..


one by one, my best friend getting married. sometimes, we've been wondering.. who come next?
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

I hope my "magic" does make me more "ladies" not being a freak. Did I do a good job or not?
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, hat and close-up

 as you can read from my previous entry, I'm tired of people trying to make me feel down just because I look more "cute" than them.. so, I try to make some changing in my life, and I loved it.. I start to ermm brisk walk and I love how its make my face look more slimmer than before.. :)

right now, I'm getting tired. not because waiting someone to come (like a korean drama.. goblin wuhuu) but i'm getting tired with my work...

please watch me going to be better person each day.

and pray for the best happen in our life..

for my last question for this time..
Japan or South Korea?
I really love autumn..

stay calm and healthy..
get well.. to all of you :)

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ippo Hafiz - Bicara Malam

Tidurlah sayangku bukakan pintu hatimu
Untuk diriku menemanikamu
Dalam waktu-waktu yang kau inginkan
Aku dan kamu terus menunggu

Bicara malam terus kepadamu
Aku kan coba membahgiakanmu..nanti
Bersama kita berdoa sentiasa
Moga hidup kita terus bermakna

Aku menjagamu dengan keizinan
Yang maha Esa menentukan

moga hidup kita terus bermakna (2x)

p/s : siapa nak buka hati untuk jia huni ni.. cia cia cia..