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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hola :)

its been almost 2 week since my last entry. apa khabar mu di sana? :) masih melihat sama ada jia ok atau tak? I just fine.. :) terima kasih sebab masih punya waktu untuk lihat jia ok atau tak..

"Bukan mudah bagiku untuk melalui semua ini
Pabila kenangan kita mengusik jiwa dan hati
Kala malam tidurku tak lena mengenangkanmu
Ku cuba pertahankan...

Separuh jiwaku hilang ikut terbang berasamamu
Episod cinta hitamku kini berulang kembali
Berulang kembali mnguasai diriku ini"

its still not easy for me, but i'm still trying.. to open up my heart again. as you can see, i'm not getting younger :) even thou people keep saying my age around 25-27 years old, but in a piece of ic, i'm will be 31 this December.. sob sob..


one by one, my best friend getting married. sometimes, we've been wondering.. who come next?
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I hope my "magic" does make me more "ladies" not being a freak. Did I do a good job or not?
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 as you can read from my previous entry, I'm tired of people trying to make me feel down just because I look more "cute" than them.. so, I try to make some changing in my life, and I loved it.. I start to ermm brisk walk and I love how its make my face look more slimmer than before.. :)

right now, I'm getting tired. not because waiting someone to come (like a korean drama.. goblin wuhuu) but i'm getting tired with my work...

please watch me going to be better person each day.

and pray for the best happen in our life..

for my last question for this time..
Japan or South Korea?
I really love autumn..

stay calm and healthy..
get well.. to all of you :)

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