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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I'm tired

I guess..
Its time for me to think again..
Its really tired..
When only you have to say and protect your feeling and trust..

When someone not even ones say hello..
And right now its almost six month..
No message..
No calling..
No nothing..
If you can see my journal..
My blog..
But you can't say hi..
Its kind a hurt..

Our promises..
Seen like it just a game..
Maybe i'm too serious and maybe you don't. 

Forgive you..
For all..
The promises..
The dream..

And know..
I know..
Even you prove to me..
I'm not the best for you..

I will always love you, miss you
And I always pray..
You will get the happines..
That you always want it before..


Let me cry..

Thats only I need right now..


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