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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

lirik minggu ni..

Beautiful Disaster
oleh: Kelly Clarkson

He drowns in his dreams
An exquisite extreme I know
He's as damned as he seems
And More Heaven than a heart could hold
And if I tried to save him
My whole world could cave in
Just ain't right
Just ain't right
Oh and I don't knowI
don't know what he's after
But he's so beautiful
Such a beautiful disaster
And If I could hold on Through the tears and the laughter
Would it be beautiful
Or just a beautiful disaster
He's magic and myth
As strong as what I believe
A tragedy with
More damage than a soul should see
And do I try to change him
So hard not to blame him
Hold on tight
Hold on tight

I'm longing for love and the logical
But he's only happy hysterical
I'm waiting for some kind of miracle
Waiting so long
He's soft to the touch
But frayed at the ends he breaks
He's never enough
And still he's more than I can take

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