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Monday, 17 August 2015

Just my thought


 its make you terrified..

 its make you think "did I make a wrong decision?"

or sometime its make you confuse..

sometime its make us feel lonely..

life teach us how to find the right path..

 its show us that we are stronger than we think..

either I'm looking the answer from myself..

or lend my hand to helping others..

in the end,
we still reach to our destination..

keep flying high..

and always think..
you're not alone in this world..
lets start with..
I love you..
No matter what I say...
I love you..
and I always be there for you..
can you say it to me?
the same think that I say to you..
you're not alone..
you still have..
me :)

location : 3D Museum, Langkawi

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