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Friday, 6 April 2012

Selamat Hari Jumaat

Jumaat yang barakah..
Moga mampu mendamaikan hati aku..
Ujian yang mendatang mendewasakan aku..
Moga orang tersebut pun dewasa..
Like I'm always say..
Matured can't be measure by number of your age..
Correct me if I'm mistaken..

With my puffy eyes..
And my old headphone..
A pencil and a pen..
Just listen to the music..
Create another quote..
To make me calm..

And you know what..
You can't make me feel down..
Make me mad.. Make me disappointed..
Because whatever you do..
Whatever you try to say a bad thing behind my back..
I never be like you..
So stop being like a jerk..
And be like a matured person..

I know all the thing you do behind my back..
I just pretend it my "friend"..
Just want to see your action, my lady..

If we want people to respect us, we should respect other people first..

-Forgive but not forget-

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